Chemtrails: The Exotic Weapon

Israel Takeover of Syria DeesInternational Conference to Combat Terrorism and Religious Extremism – 12/1/2014

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youtube-icon-square-66(COMPLETE VIDEO) Two days of meetings were brought to a screeching halt when Gordon Duff spoke at the  “International Conference to Combat Terrorism and Religious Extremism” held in Damascus, Syria on 12/1/2014.

Seated on his right, and speaking next, was Colonel James Hanke, US Army Special Forces (ret). On his left, the Syrian Minister of Justice Najm al Ahmad and Mike Harris. Handling the camera on this short video is Veterans Today editor, Jim W. Dean.

Gordon informed them that Israel runs the United States from the shadows and named Senator John McCain as”  The Father of ISIS” – the terrorist group assembled by the US/Israeli criminal cabal.  

ISIS = Israeli Secret Intelligence ServiceCOMPLETE STORY

John mccain father of ISIS

This may well have been the first time in history…

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